New taxa (26): Orthalicidae

In a paper published last week, four new taxa were described from Peru belonging to the Orthalicidae (Breure & Mogollón, 2010).


Bostryx chusgonensis sipas n.subsp., described from Dept. Amazonas, Shipasbamba. Holotype RMNH 114059.


Bostryx fragilis n.sp., from Dept. Tumbes, Quebrada Santa Maria. Holotype RMNH 114063.


Scutalus (S.) phaeocheilus altoensis n.subsp. Type locality Dept. Piura, El Alto; holotype RMNH 114045.


Scutalus (S.) mariopenai n.sp., described from Dept. Ancash. Catzcal. Holotype RMNH 114055.

See for New taxa (25) and earlier: > Snailblog > 8 October 2010. 
A link to a PDF of the paper can be found at the same website under Publications.

Breure, A.S.H. & V. Mogollón, 2010. Well-known and little-known: miscellaneous notes on Peruvian Orthalicidae (Gastropoda, Stylommatophora). – Zoologische Mededelingen Leiden 84: 15-34.

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