Netherlands biodiversity (2.0)

Yesterday afternoon a new book on the biodiversity of the Netherlands was presented at NCB Naturalis. The number of species (plants, animals, bacteria) is 47,800. Not bad for a small country.

The relevance for this blog is that, since last month, the Netherlands also includes a piece of tropical nature. Dutch Caribbean: Saba, St. Eustatius, and Bonaire are now Dutch municipalities. The means that tropical reefs and cloud forests now also contribute to the Dutch biodiversity.


The number of land snails in this (Neo)tropical part of the country still needs to be established, since no recent overview has been published.

A new program was launched, aimed at DNA Barcoding of all Dutch species. Collecting, sequencing, and building a reference collection all need to be done within the coming four years. Netherlands biodiversity 2.0. Ambitious.

In the new book presented at the end of the meeting, a classification is used where DNA data have been influential. All groups are based on monophyly, resulting in quite drastic changes in the taxonomy as we knew so far. It seems as if Darwin finally beats Linnaeus…


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