Beckianum beckianum in eastern Cuba

Introduced species have often a negative impact on local ecosystems (Cowie, 1998). Beckianum beckianum (Pfeiffer, 1846) was previously only recorded from Havana, El Vedado and Quinta de Los Molinos; the latter is the place where the first botanical garden was established (P??rez, 1994; Franke & Fernandez, 2008).


During an inventory in eastern Cuba, this species was found in gardens in Prov. Holgu??n, Velasco (Fernandez et al., 2010). Although the authors don’t give a possible explanation for this range extension of nearly 700 km, one of the possibilities is horticultural trade (Cowie et al., 2008). Since there has been no systematic inventorying on the island it is, however, not clear if this species also occurs elsewhere on Cuba.
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