A new Holospira from Mexico

In the latetst number of The Nautilus, Gilbertson & Naranjo-Garc??a (2010) have a paper describing a new species of the Urocoptid genus Holospira.


Holospira fergusoni sp.n. was collected in Mexico, Coahuila, Munocipio Arteaga, at a remote place in the Sierra La Viga, 3600 m. The habitat is in a Pinus dominated forest; the shells were found on a limestone ridge. Holotype: LACM 3112, paratypes in museums in Mexico and the USA.
Gilbertson, L.H. 7 Naranjo-Garc??a, E., 2010. A new species of Holospira (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Urocoptidae) from Coahuila, Mexico. – Nautilus 124: 181-184.

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