Photo of the day (117): Kara

Modest Correoso kindly sent me several pictures of what I now call Kara thompsonii (Pfeiffer, 1845); previously this was considered as Thaumastus (Kara), but the evidence to raise this subgenus to generic status will be published later.

These specimens were observed in Ecuador, Prov. Loja, Vilcabamba and show a remarkable colour variation, both in the shells and in the colour of the animal. The dark form corresponds to nigricans Cousin, 1887; the yellowish form to olivecea Cousin, 1887. Both forms are now considered as colour variations only and fall in the synonymy of K. thompsonii.

The dark form tends to be somewhat more elongate and more slender, but Modest found them in a mixed population. The locality was approx. 1675m, vegetation type “Bosque seco” with Cerotonia siliqua and Opuntia.


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