New taxonomic journal

A new journal is being launched, devoted to taxonomy. As such initiatives are rare, a first impression is warranted.

The EJT Consortium, consisting of European natural history museums and botanical gardens (partim from the European program EDIT),

is proud to present the

European Journal of Taxonomy



EJT is an international, fully electronic, Open Access journal for descriptive taxonomy, in zoology, entomology, botany, and palaeontology.  Publishing in EJT is free (there are no page charges) and also access is free (there are no subscription charges). So neither authors, nor readers have to pay!

EJT-papers must be original and of a high standard both in scientific content and technical execution (language, art work,..). The scope of EJT is global; neither authorship nor the geographical region of study is restricted to Europe.

EJT publishes taxonomic contributions and revisions, monographs and opinion papers. Less comprehensive taxonomic papers (e.g. those dealing with a few species of a taxon) will be accepted for review provided their wider context and impact is both high and explained clearly.

EJT follows Creative Commons Copyright, so authors retain the copyright of their papers.



Coordinating institutional resources into a single publishing platform contributes to excellence, prevents repetition, and increases efficiency in the dissemination of taxonomic data, while providing a secure long-term platform at minimal cost.



EJT manuscripts should be submitted through the Open Journal Systems. Submit your article today on

where full Instructions to Authors are available.



The EJT consortium includes at present:

Mus??um national d???Histoire naturelle, Paris, France
National Botanic Garden of Belgium, Meise, Belgium
Royal Museum for Central Africa, Tervuren, Belgium
Natural History Museum, London, United Kingdom
Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Brussels, Belgium


There has been a debate among European Natural History Museums in EDIT during late 2009, but apparently the proponents have succeeded (although there are currently only a few of the EDIT members in the EJT consortium).  
The big plus is of course that the journal is free of charge for everyone. Sounds like having a free lunch…
Looking at the submission page, it becomes clear that they are sort of selective. Taxonomic contributions should be more than describing just a few new species. Revisions have to cover a subcontinent at least. Finally there is a cryptic sentence “Submitting a paper to EJT implies that the manuscript has not been submitted to another journal [standard condition], and that it will not be for at least 6 months after initial submission to EJT [italics added]”. Taken literally, one could have the scenario that a manuscript is being refused by EJT (for a supposedly good reason) and that it couldn’t be re-submitted to another journal during the next 6 months?? 

In total, this sounds like a good initiative, but the editorial policy being a bit restrictive this journal doesn’t seem to become my all-time favourite. However, since nothing has been published yet, let’s wait and see what comes out.

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