Data at risk

‘Data at Risk’ is an interdisciplinary approach to collect information on scientific data repositories that are at risk of getting lost by whatever cause. This includes data in a “pre-digital” form (e.g. photo-plates, card-files) but also data on outdated electronic media and data which are threatened due to a lack of proper digital curation and documentation. The results of this inventory will be made publicly available and may serve as a basis for fund-raising and preservation activities.

The ‘Data at Risk’ Task Group members cover a broad range of scientific disciplines including Computer Science, Astronomy, Geology, Oceanology, Geography, and Natural History.


Is this an archive with ‘data at risk’? These photographs show the Weyrauch archive in Tucum??n, which to my humble opinion is important to Neotropical malacology.But also data in other museums might benefit from listing under this so called CODATA initiative (see for more details).
By extension, one could imagine a ‘collection at risk’ initiative. E.g., several collections that are under the administration of Universities are in danger nowadays, as the academic world seems to be occupied more with ‘flashy’ SCI-rankings rather than solid taxonomic revisions. Several museums in Europe are under the pre-destiny to be closed when the protests are not too alarming (Germans might recall the recent turmoil with the Hamburg museum), but I recall the San Marcos museum in Lima to be threatened last year.

Anyway, those interested to suggest scientific data to be covered under this CODATA initiative may contact Anton G??ntsch (a.guentsch[at]


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