Project Noah

Project Noah stands for Networked organisms and habitats. It is meant as a tool that you can use to explore and document wildlife and harness the power of citizens scientists. See for more details on what how to can participate.

Looking up ‘snail’ under Organisms I found this picture taken at Ecuador, Loja of a transparent shell, seemingly a shell-less snail. Very peculiar! Being so transparent, it’s hard to identify it other than “Helix-like” which is as good as a shot in the dark.
Another one is this ‘Blue Rainforest Snail’ (my own words) from Costa Rica, Lim??n Prov.: Drymaeus sulphureus (Pfeiffer, 1857). It’s my favorite on the Project Noah site.
There are a lot of unidentified species on the site and probably most of them have been spotted near rural areas. Still it is a way to raise awareness for the flora and fauna around you and may serve an educational purpose.

Find out more about Project Noah and the behind it at and explore the site. There are apps for your mobile phone available if you want to join in using modern technology.

One thought on “Project Noah

  1. Edgar Segovia

    wow! i remember such glass-shelled snails from the humid forest remains near Zhumiral , Azuay prov, Ecuador !!! Didn’t know wasn’t catalogued!


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