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Photo of the day (129): Peltella

A brilliant picture today of a semi-slug member of the family Bulimulidae: Peltella palliolum (F??russac, 1821), taken by Mario Martins in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Floresta de Tijuca.


This species was for many years placed in the Amphibulimidae, together with other semi-slugs from the Antilles. Recent molecular studies have shown that these groups are unrelated. Peltella is an aberrant member of the widespread Bulimulidae and ‘semi-slugginess’ may be explained as an adaptation to humid environments.

Other pictures of snails from the same locality and photographer may be found at

Trinidad visitor

Last week a visitor from Trinidad visited the Leiden museum: Mike Rutherford, curator at the natural history museum at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine visited me for three days.


Together we looked up all the specimens of land snails from Trinidad & Tobago in the collection, visited the NCB molecular lab and at the last day we dissected some snails.
We discussed future projects and the possibilities for joint work. Trinidad is certainly an interesting place and its malacofauna is mainly known from the studies by R.L. Guppy in the 19th century. Time for an update!

These were my last days in Leiden for now. During August I will be heading to Australia for field work. Keep you updated, as long as internet access permits.