Photo of the day (130): Bothriembryon

Alan Longbottom kindly sent me some notes and pictures of Bothriembryon species in the Esperance area of Western Australia.

First some pictures of B. dux (Pfeiffer, 1861), the largest species of the genus which is known to burry themselves up to 35 cm in the ground. Here are pictures both of a living snail and burring itself to hibernate till the next season.

The second species is B. balteolus Iredale, 1939, which is a rather variable species in coloration. Photo of a living specimen from Western Australia, Sieda:


Also a picture of a place where broken specimens were found, centred around a stone. 


According to Alan, this stone was used by a Grey Currawong (Strepera versicolor); he added “the stone in the photo is the only one for some distance and almost certainly has been carried in by the bird”. So far, predation on Bothriembryon was only ascribed to rodents and this seems the first record of bird predation.


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