Monthly Archives: February 2012

Traveling in South America (1)

Due to traveling in (the Caribbean and) South America, I haven’t been able to post on my blog. Too busy and with scattered access to webmail only. Writing blogposts in an internet cafe isn’t my favorite.

Just a quick update of my visit to Cura??ao. One of my goals was to gather information on the ecology of Drymaeus elongatus (R??ding, 1789). Gerard van Buurt had observed this species on a number of host plants; together we checked the disjunct occurrence of this species on the island. This species seems to be limited to the southern part of the island. The disjunct distribution may be (in part) be due to the air pollution of the refinery; at least, this is a hypothesis, but difficult to prove empirically.


The other aim was to visit the Christoffelberg reserve, type locality of Guppya moolengraafi Baker, 1924. The excursion to this area was made in conjunction with a local group that weekly explores interesting sites on the island. We collected two samples of leaf litter that need to be sorted out for this tiny snail of only 2 mm.