Traveling in South America (5)

The last stop on my trip was Peru, where I especially followed the ‘Gringo Trail’ (Arequipa, Puno, Cuzco). In the latter area I visited some of the touristic highlights, e.g. Machu Picchu and the ‘Holy Valley’ (R??o Urubamba valley).

Some of my old localities (1975) were revisited and the same species were still abundantly present. E.g., near Pisac Bostryx spiculatus (Morelet, 1860) was observed on vertical rock-faces near the road. 


Just opposite Urubamba Bostryx tubulatus (Morelet, 1860) was observed in xerophytic vegetation, hibernating on dead twigs and on small bushes.


Near Ollantaytambo Bostryx cf. virgultorum (Morelet, 1863) was found among boulders on a slope with xerophytic vegetation, under and near stones.


Finally, near Aguascalientes a – yet unidentified – Thaumastus species was found aside a path.


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