A new Bahiensis

Some journals publish accepted papers immediately online, often without pagination which will only be added when it appears on paper. Today I received such a paper, describing a new Bahiensis species from fossil beds in Uruguay (Cabrera & Martínez, 2012).

 The land snail family Odontostomidae has a poor fossil record, mainly from the middle Paleogene and early Neogene of Argentina. In this paper a new species of Odontostomidae from the Paleocene of Uruguay (Queguay Formation) is described. Bahiensis priscus  n. sp. represents the first record of the genus Bahiensis  Jousseaume 1877, and the oldest record for an Odontostomidae. The new species is characterized by a pupoid fusiform shell and an oval aperture with a single axial columellar fold. Present distribution of the genus indicates a tropical–subtropical environment, in high humidity rate areas.



It is nice to see that recently more efforts have been put in research on Neotropical fossil land snails. This will certainly help to get a better understanding about their evolution and their distribution in time and space.
Cabrera, F. & Martínez, S., 2012. The oldest Odontostomidae (Mollusca: Gastropoda): Bahiensis priscus n. sp. (Paleocene, Uruguay). – Paläontologische Zeitschrift 

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