Megalobulimus and Systrophia

Is there any logic to combine the phylogenetics of Megalobulimus and Systrophia? No, not necessarily, unless you have some students working on these genera and their results can be wiped up together. This seems to be the case with the paper of Ramírez et al. (2012).

The paper presents new phylogenetic analyses of seven Megalobulimus  and one Systrophia species. The abstract reads as follows:

In this work we performed a biogeographic study of two genera of Amazonian land snails, Megalobulimus (Strophocheilidae) and Systrophia (Scolodontidae). We used samples from different regions of the Peruvian Amazon, as well as bibliographic information. We analyzed both nuclear (5.8S-ITS2-28S rRNA) and mitochondrial (16S rRNA) genes to reconstruct phylogenies and obtain hypotheses concerning the evolutionary relationships among Amazonian genera and other species with global distribution. The nuclear phylogeny allowed us to determine the evolutionary position of both genera, and the mitochondrial phylogeny permitted the differentiation of species at the intrageneric level. We found that Megalobulimus clustered with the non-achatinoid clade within Stylommatophora, as expected, but its relationship to family Acavidae could not be demonstrated. Systrophia did not cluster with any of the two established clades, but formed a basal one within Stylommatophora. The mitochondrial gene 16S rRNA allowed us to differentiate Megalobulimus species, and performed well for DNA barcoding of these edible snails. Biogeographical analysis revealed several endemic species in the Peruvian Amazon within both genera, highlighting the Chanchamayo and Inambari biogeographic units. 


Interestingly, the clade with Systrophia falls in between the achatinoid and non-achatinoid clades, as shown by Wade during the WCM 2010 congress.

Ramírez, R., Borda, V., Romero, P., Ramirez, J., Congrains, C., Chrinos, J., Ramírez, P., Velásquez, L.E. & Mejía, K., 2012. Biodiversidad y endemismo de los caracoles terrestres Megalobulimus y Systrophia en la Amazonia occidental. – Revista Peruana de Biología 19: 59-74.



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