New land snail from Venezuelan tepui

Venezuelan tepuis are a fascinating environment for land snails, and several new species have been described during recent years. Material from tepuis previously unexplored for their malacofauna comes in occasionally. Earlier this year Phillippe Kok (Free University, Brussels) showed some material from Angasima tepui, and one of the species appeared to be new to science.


This new species was named after its collector, Plekocheilus (P.) phillippei; the holotype is RBINS MT2576. The anatomy (genitalia, radula) is also described.

Breure, A.S.H., 2012. Living in isolation: Plekocheilus (P.) philippei spec.nov. from Venezuelan Guayana (Gastropoda, Amphibulimidae). – Basteria 76: 101-106.


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