European invaders in southern Chile

The terrestrial malacofauna of Chile is relatively poorly known. Hence every new paper sheds light on this interesting part of South America. Landler & Nuñez (2012) are reporting on a collecting trip from Santiago de Chile to the region south of Puerto Montt in 2009/2010. They are contributing distributional data, and ecological observations, with emphasis on terrestrial gastropods imported from Europe and their possible impact.

Alien slugs are widely distributed in Chile, and the most southernly localities for Arion intermedius and Limax maximus are recorded. Also the most southern occurrence on the mainland of Oxychila cellarius is recorded. The data contribute also to the control of potentially problematic species.

Landler, L. & Nuñez, J.J., 2012. European invaders in South America: terrestrial snails and slugs in southern Chile. Journal of Conchology 41: 263-265.

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