A new snail family from Mexico

In the flow of end-of-the-year papers, Thompson & Naranjo-Garc??a made a remarkable one in which they described a new family of semi-slugs from northeastern Mexico, The family, named Echinichidae, currently comprises a new genus, Echinix, three species and is placed in the superfamily Xanthonychoidea.

The genus Echinix is characterized by a combination of 15 morphological characters, mainly from the inner anatomy. 
The first new species is Echinix ochracea is described from Edo. Tamaulipas, Sierra de Guatamala, about 8.5 km SW G??mez Frias Biological Reserve, 2000 m altitude; holotype UF 22112.


The second new species is Echinix granulata, of which the holotype was found in Edo. Edo. Quer??taro, Pinal de Amoles; holotype UF 267283.


Thirdly, Echinix rugosa is described from Edo. Quer??taro, Sierra Gordo Biosphere Reserve, at km 233 of road Jalpan-Xilitla, 1850-1900 m. Holotype CNMO 3926.


This well-written paper ends with a characterisation of the family Echinidae, and a discussion of the relationships within the superfamily Xanthonichoidea. This paper proofs that the biodiversity of this relatively well-known country still holds undescribed taxa, even at the family level. 

Thompson, F.G. & Naranjo-Garc??a, E., 2012. Echinichidae, a new family of dart-bearing helicoid slugs from Mexico, with the description of a new genus and three new species (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Xanthonychoidea). – Archiv fur Molluskenkunde 141: 197-208.

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