Cuban Cerion population density

A brief paper by Suárez et al. (2012) presents some information on the population density of the Cuban species Cerion peracutum Clench & Aguayo, 1951. As no comparative information is included in the discussion, the data are presented as such.

The abstract reads:

The finding of a population of Cerion p. peracutum Clench and Aguayo, 1951 (Pulmonata: Mollusca) in Bello Monte, Guanabo, approximately to 1500 m from the tide line, increased its distributional area. It constituted the Cerion species living more distant from the shore. The population density is recorded as Locally Common (2-10 ind/m2) with a mean population density of 32.9 ind/m2 (range: 2-93 ind/m2). The species occupied the low level stratus in the vegetation.

Suárez, A., Hernández, I. & Fernández, A., 2012. Abundancia, sustrato y estrato de Cerion peracutum peracutum (Molusca: Pulmonata) en Guanabo, La Habana, Cuba. – Solenodon 10: 32-36. Available at

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