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New Annulariidae from Haiti

Some authors make a special effort in trying to match their material to described but never illustrated taxa. This may lead to rediscoveries of species which have been neglected for many years. The recent paper by Watters et al. (2013) provides an excellent example of this, where they studied material from Hispaniola and provide a suite of arguments why Pfeiffer’s Choanopoma? smithianum can be considered a valid taxon; they classify this taxon with the genus Weinlandipoma Bartsch, 1946, and also fixate a neotype from modern material collected at the type locality Haiti, Dept. du Sud, Citadelle de Platons (figs 1-4).

Two additional new species are also described from this material:
Weinlandipoma auduboni, figs 5-8, type locality: Haiti, Dept. du Sud, near Morne Cavalier (holotype UF 451538);
Weinlandipoma macayaense, figs 9-12, type locality: same as above (UF 451540).

The three species are partly sympatric, but also a variable fourth species occurs in the study area and calls for more research to clarify the situation.

Watters, G.T., J. Grego, J. Steffek, 2013. Rediscovery of Choanopoma? smithianum Pfeiffer, 1866 (Annulariidae) from Haiti and designation of a neotype, with the description of two new species of Weinlandipoma Bartsch, 1946. – The Nautilus 127: 78-84.

New Euglandia from Brazil

Last week a second taxonomic paper describing a new Brazilian land shell appeared (Jardim et al. 2013).

Euglandina irakita is a new species described from Floresta Nacional Tapirapé-Aquiri in the state of Pará, Northern Brazil, collected in the Amazon
Rainforest. The description is based on shell features, and some striking differences from the other species were detected. The
new species is the second record of this genus in Brazilian territory. It is characterized by a relatively small size, with an
oblong outline, deep sutures and a narrow aperture. A comparison with other species of Euglandina is provided.

Jardim, J.A., Abbate, D. & Simone, L.R.L., 2013. A new species of Euglandina (Pulmonata, Spiraxidae) from Brazil. – Journal of Conchology 41: 327-330.