New Euglandia from Brazil

Last week a second taxonomic paper describing a new Brazilian land shell appeared (Jardim et al. 2013).

Euglandina irakita is a new species described from Floresta Nacional Tapirapé-Aquiri in the state of Pará, Northern Brazil, collected in the Amazon
Rainforest. The description is based on shell features, and some striking differences from the other species were detected. The
new species is the second record of this genus in Brazilian territory. It is characterized by a relatively small size, with an
oblong outline, deep sutures and a narrow aperture. A comparison with other species of Euglandina is provided.

Jardim, J.A., Abbate, D. & Simone, L.R.L., 2013. A new species of Euglandina (Pulmonata, Spiraxidae) from Brazil. – Journal of Conchology 41: 327-330.


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