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Megalobulimus sanctipauli distribution

In a recent paper Beltramino (2013) presented a ‘historical’ distribution of Megalobulimus sanctipauli (Ihering & PIlsbry, 1900). These data show that the species is distributed across southern Brazil, Paraguay and northern Argentina.

The overview, listing all the known localities, is based on data from literature and online databases, the specimens not having been checked by the author.

Beltramino, A.A., 2013. Distribution of Megalobulimus sanctipauli (Ihering and Pilsbry, 1900) (Gastropoda: Magelobulimidae) in South America. – CheckList 9 (2): 469-471. Available at

Photo of the day (144): Corona

After – what may have seemed to you – a long and lazy summer (I can re-assure you, it wasn’t!), I’m now trying to take up my posting. Slowly, and steadily‚Ķ

This week I received an email from Marc Jansen sending me a photograph with a request for identification. This is Corona perversa (L.), the picture taken in Surinam, Sipaliwini, Bakhuis Mountains earlier this month.

Liguus perversus Surinam

Mr. Jansen said it was found at 1.70 m altitude, shortly after a tropical rain shower.