New species list Santa Catarina

Santa Catarina state in southern Brazil is becoming one of the best-known regions within Brazil, thanks to the efforts of Ignacio Agudo-Padrón. A new paper lists 12 additional continental species from the state (Agudo-Padrón et al., 2014).

Among the new records are the following terrestrial species: Helicina cf. laterculus F. Baker, 1914; Adelopoma brasiliensis Morretes, 1954; Bulimulus cf. sporadicus (d’Orbigny, 1835); Pseudoxychona polytricha (Ihering, 1912); Simpulopsis gomesae Silva & Thomé, 2006; Simpulopsis promatensis Silva & Thomé, 2006; Gastrocopta solitaria (E.A. Smith, 1890); Pupisoma discoricola (Adams, 1845); Leptinaria cf. ritchiei Pilsbry, 1907; Tamayoa cf. banghaasi (Boettger in Thiele, 1927).


Agudo-Padrón, A.I., Luz, J.S. da, Lisboa, L.K. & Zermiani, A.E. (2014). Additional twelve new records to inventory of continental
mollusc species from Santa Catarina State/ SC, Central Southern Brazil. — Boletin de la Asociación Argentina de Malacologia 3(2): 11–20.
The journal issue is available at: Other issues are available on


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