Tentacle 22

Robert Cowie just released the annual number of Tentacle; this journal on molluscs conservation issues has reached now issue 22.


Regarding the Neotropical realm contributions are made by some authors that regularly use Tentacle as outlet. Agudo Padrón & Souza da Luz report briefly on a study about conservation of non-marine molluscs in remaining urban forests. In such a remnant in Florianópolis they found 15 native species and 9 alien ones. The first author also briefly reports on richness and regional distribution within the state of Santa Catarina in a second article.

The announcement of a consulting process together with experts to evaluate the extinction risk of non-marine molluscs in Brazil by  Santos & Carvalho; the evaluating workshop is scheduled for September 2014.

Santos, Oliveira & Vasconcelos report on ecological research in the Atlantic Forest of Ilha Grande, Brazil. This is part of a larger research programme spanning all Brazilian biomes, and the first to include land and freshwater snails.

Maceira et al. contribute to this issue with a note “Molluscs and their conservation problems in the San Miguel de Parada Faunal Refuge, eastern Cuba”. Four terrestrial species are reproted, of which two exotic species.

The entire issue can be found here: http://www.hawaii.edu/cowielab/issues.htm


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