Snails of Trinidade Island, Brazil

In a brief research note Salvador et al. (2014) report the find of living specimens of two species. “For four decades it has been suspected that the endemic land snails of Trindade Island, Brazil, were extinct. Here we report finding live Succinea lopesi Lanzieri, 1966 and a species of Happia Bourguignat, 1889 on top of the island’s highest peaks. Happia is a new record for the island and possibly also a new endemic species. As Trindade’s environment has suffered much degradation due to introduced feral goats, such remote places might have acted as refuges for the snails. With the ongoing recovery of the native fl ora after the eradication of the goats, the snails’ populations might re-establish themselves.”  Of the other endemic species of Trindade, namely Bulimulus brunoi  (Ihering, 1917), Naesiotus arnaldoi  (Lanzieri and Rezende, 1971) and Vegrandinia trindadensis (Breure and Coelho, 1976) it still remains to be seen if they are extant or not.


Salvador, R.B., Silva, N.G., Cunha, C.M., Simone, L.R.L. & Alves, R.J.V. (2014): Rediscovery of living snails on Trindade Island, Brazil — American Malacological Bulletin 32: 140–142.

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