Helicina from Brazil

In the Brazilian journal CheckList recently appeared new data on a Helicina species from off the coast of Rio de Janeiro.

Helicina Checklist10

“New records of Helicina inaequistriata Pilsbry, 1900 (Gastropoda: Helicinidae) are reported here from southeastern Brazil: Cabo Frio Island (“Ilha do Cabo Frio” in Portuguese), a continental island off Rio de Janeiro state, and three localities in São Paulo state (Mairiporã and Piracicaba municipalities and Alto Ribeira State and Tourist Park). The species was previously known only from Grande Island (“Ilha Grande”), off southern Rio de Janeiro, and two localities in São Paulo state (including the type locality). The occurrence of this species in well preserved areas such as Cabo Frio Island and Alto Ribeira Park is reassuring. The species is known from few localities and data on its abundance and conservation status are unknown”.

Salvador, R.B., et al., 2014. New records of Helicina inaequistriata (Gastropoda: Helicinidae) from Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo states, Brazil. – CheckList 10 (4): 936–938. Available at http://biotaxa.org/cl/article/view/10.4.936.


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