The sound of a snail

Some time ago I posted a note on a mysterious snail found in southern Brazil, supposedly Plekocheilus aff. rhodocheilus (Reeve, 1849) (here). ‘The snail has gotten a tail’, so to speak, as the original audio fragment has been analysed and another case of sound production in land snails turned up, shedding light on this seemingly forgotten topic.


Many thanks are due to Germano Woehl jr. for sharing the original audio file.

Link: ijkey=bXqfr0IbP5ro78U&keytype=ref 

It would be interesting to further investigate e.g. the relationships between size of the species and sound to be made.

1 thought on “The sound of a snail

  1. Kurt Auffenberg

    I’ve noticed audio during retraction of some helicostylids in the Philippines. Didn’t think much about it so can not recall species, but I know it happened. Also, every time I put other species in the collecting bag holding one species of helicostylid, it emitted a yellowish mucus and all other species died within a couple hours. I had this in a rejected manuscript, but was told by a reviewer that the information was anecdotal.


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