Photo of the day (159): Orthalicus

Richard Goldberg posted a photo of a Jamaican Orthalicus on his Facebook timeline. A nice picture of this animal in its natural habitat.

Orthalicus jamaicensis

Richard text was: A ± 2 inch Orthalicus undata jamaicensis Pilsbry, 1899 [Family: Orthalicidae] aestivating on the trunk of a Jamaican Otaheiti Apple Tree (Syzygium malaccense?) near the Whitehall Great House ruins, Westmoreland Parish, Jamaica. The Otaheiti or Maple Apple is indigenous to the Pacific Islands, but commonly found throughout Jamaica. Jamaican’s also refer to the fruit as a coco plum. Orthalicus prefer to inhabit these trees because of the somewhat smooth bark of the trunk and more likely because it feeds on the overly ripe apples that open to expose the sweet fruit within. Photo: Richard L. Goldberg © 2014.

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