New species from Brazil

Thanks to the continuous effort of some Brazilian colleagues, the malacofauna of that country is enriched last year with several new taxa. I here briefly report on two contributions.

Fontanella et al. reported on shell mounds in Santa Catarina which remained from ancient times when Paleoamericans used shells to make ornaments and tools, or used them as a food source. One of the species discovered during archeological work on remains in Jaguaruna municipality is a new species of Megalobulimus, M. jaguarunensis.

Fontenelle 2014

Another paper describing a new species of Leiostracus was published by Salvador & Cavallari, based on a single shell in the Senckenberg Museum Frankfurt, without precise habitat and locality data.


Fontenelle J.H., Cavallari D.C. & Simone L.R.L. (2014) A new species of Megalobulimus (Gastropoda, Strophocheilidae) from Brazilian shell mounds. – Strombus 21: 30–37.
Salvador, R.B. & Cavallari, D.C. (2014) A new species of Leiostracus (Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Orthalicoidea) from Espirito Santo, Brazil. – Iheringia, Zoologia 104: 364–366.


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