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Anisospira: a safe haven?

Guerrero et al. just published a paper on a species of the Mexican urocoptid genus Anisospira, A. (Trachycion) velascorum, which has not been re-found after its description in 1977. The type locality is now destroyed by infrastructural works, but recently shells of this species were found in a Botanical Garden near the type locality. Hopefully this will allow for its conservation.

Guerrero 2015f1

The abstract reads: Anisospira (Trachycion) velascorum Breure was described in 1977 from a locality near the highroad between the towns of Pochutla and Puerto Escondido on the coast of Oaxaca, southern Mexico. After its discovery, the species was never reported again elsewhere. Herein we report a new record of several specimens of A. velascorum near Pochutla town, in the Chepilme Botanical Garden, 58.3 km west of the type locality. This find represents an opportunity to study several unknown aspects of this species.

Guerrero-Arenas, R., Jiménez-Hidalgo, E. & Ruvalcaba-Gómez, G. (2015) Range extension of Anisospira (Trachycion) velascorum (Gastropoda, Urocoptidae) in Oaxaca, southeastern Mexico. – CheckList 11(5): 1741. Link

Micro gastropods from Brazil

The following publication just appeared:

“Trindade is an oceanic island 1140 km off Vitória, Brazil. The Marion Dufresne Expedition (1987) recovered there many land snail shells, all stylommatophoran pulmonates. Here, four microgastropod species found in this material are recorded for the first time on Trindade Island: Lilloiconcha gordurasensis (Charopidae), Pupisoma macneilli (Valloniidae), Gastrocopta barbadensis (Gastrocoptidae) and Vertigo sp. (Vertiginidae). The last one could be a non-native, introduced species. Unfortunately, none of these species can be currently found alive on the island, which can be indicative of extinction”.

Cunha 2015 f2

Cunha, C. M., Salvador, R. B. & Simone, L. R. L., 2015. The terrestrial microgastropods of Trindade Island, Brazil (Gastropoda, Pulmonata). Spixiana 38 (1): 139-143.