Micro gastropods from Brazil

The following publication just appeared:

“Trindade is an oceanic island 1140 km off Vitória, Brazil. The Marion Dufresne Expedition (1987) recovered there many land snail shells, all stylommatophoran pulmonates. Here, four microgastropod species found in this material are recorded for the first time on Trindade Island: Lilloiconcha gordurasensis (Charopidae), Pupisoma macneilli (Valloniidae), Gastrocopta barbadensis (Gastrocoptidae) and Vertigo sp. (Vertiginidae). The last one could be a non-native, introduced species. Unfortunately, none of these species can be currently found alive on the island, which can be indicative of extinction”.

Cunha 2015 f2

Cunha, C. M., Salvador, R. B. & Simone, L. R. L., 2015. The terrestrial microgastropods of Trindade Island, Brazil (Gastropoda, Pulmonata). Spixiana 38 (1): 139-143.


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