Photo of the day (165): Naesiotus

Andrew Kraemer, postdoc at Idaho University, is studying land snails belonging to “the most species-rich group of animals in the Galapagos, the snail genus Naesiotus”. He posted several beautiful pictures on his blog, and Flickr pages, some of which I here reproduce to share them with you.


Naesiotus cf. perrus (Dall, 1917), Fernandina


Naesiotus cf. pallidus (Reibisch, 1892), Isabela


Naesiotus eos (Odhner, 1951), Santa Cruz


Naesiotus tortuganus (Dall, 1893), Isabela


Naesiotus ochseni (Dall, 1917), Santa Cruz


Naesiotus asperatus (Albers, 1857), Floreana


Naesiotus rabidensis (Dall, 1917), Rabida


Naesiotus nux (Broderip, 1832), Floreana


Naesiotus unifasciatus (Reibisch, 1892), Floreana

And of course, this is but a small part of the total number of snail species in this archipelago. For background information on the diversification, see Parent & Crespi (2006), who erroneously used a different genus name.

Parent, C.E. & Crespi, B.J. (2006). Sequential colonization and diversification of Galapagos land snail genus Bulimulus (Gastropoda, Stylommatophora). – Evolution 60: 2311-2328.

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