Geomelania minor

The following post on – barely – a landsnail from Jamaica, was found on the Facebook account of Richard Goldberg.

Geomelania minor C.B. Adams, 1849 [Family: Truncatellidae] 8.4mm. old section of Mandeville, Manchester Parish, Jamaica; buried in loose red particulate soil at the base of high concrete garden wall.

Seventeen described and two or more undescribed species of Geomelania are known and endemic to Jamaica. Most have a limited geographic distribution on the island.

Its close relatives in the genus Truncatella live in environments that are not exclusively marine or terrestrial, living in extreme high tide areas whereas Geomelania are exclusively land dwellers typically found at higher elevations. Geomelania thus represents an offshoot of Truncatella that became exclusively terrestrial.

All Geomelania are small, the largest being one of the undescribed species that only attains a size of about 10 to 12mm.

Photo & Text: Richard L. Goldberg & © 2016.

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