New fossil Cerion from Cuba

Fossil Cerionidae are getting more attention, with the recent paper of Harasewych on this subject. Suarez Torres (2015) has now described a new fossil Cerion species from eastern Cuba. The abstract of this paper in Spanish reads: “Cerion petreus sp. nov. is described on fossil state, with type locality at El Guanal, Punta de Maisí, Guantánamo province. This finding allows us to report the occurrence of this genus in Eastern Cuba since Pliocene to Lower Pleistocene”.


So far, only two fossil species were known. The discovery of this third species is thus a nice addition to our knowledge of this family, which is represented with more than 100 Recent taxa on this island.

Suarez Torres, A., 2015. Nueva especie fósil de Cerion Röding, 1798 (Mollusca: Pulmonata: Cerionidae) de Cuba Oriental. – Novitates Caribaea 8: 120–127.


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