Finally published…

Some manuscripts have a smooth flow from submission to publication, others have a lot of obstacles to overwin. Just published:


Initially submitted to Zoologische Mededelingen, journal of Natural Biodiversity Center, the manuscript had already a long history. At a certain moment in time the editor had lost all files, so I had to supply them again. Finally I received notice from the editor-in-chief in summer 2015 it was accepted and waiting to be printed. Early December 2015 I got notice the first proofs were expected in January. Imagine my dismay when during Christmas I received a mail from the deputy Director of Science, writing that the journal had been cancelled with immediate effect and all authors with accepted papers had to find another outlet.

After some deliberate thinking I decided to submit it to PeerJ, a journal not in common use with malacologists but I had some examples so I gave it a try. Naturally, I had to re-format a lot of things and after the reviews and re-submission the editor had some desired changes as well. But finally, it is here…


One thought on “Finally published…

  1. Juan Francisco.

    Nice to see your paper finally published.
    PeerJ is quite smooth regarding submissions.
    Best regards,



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