New paper published

Together with my colleague Corey Whisson, just published:


A paper with a description of one new species is nothing to be taken too serious, but we are proud to present a novel way of (non-)dissection to study the genitalia: applying micro-CT and reconstruction with dedicated software. As far as we know this is one of the first times this method is applied to (land) molluscs in the context of describing a new species.


Although the results presented here are satisfying, it is not necessarily a quick method and it is also quite laborious. However, in the case of a single or just a few specimens, this may be an alternative for destructive dissection. In this paper we show it as a ‘proof of principle’ for the application of this method.

Whisson, C.S. & A.S.H. Breure, 2016. A new species of Bothriembryon (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Bothriembryontidae) from south-easternmost Western Australia. — ZooKeys 581: 127–140.


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