A.C. (Dolf) van Bruggen (1929-2016)

My esteemed colleague and friend Dr A.C. (Dolf) van Bruggen passed away last Friday. This very sad news reached me while in Madrid, and it was more or less expected as his health situation was bad for the last couple of weeks.

I met Dolf first when I was a student, and he was also on the Committee during my PhD-graduation. Since that time we mostly met during meetings of the Netherlands Malacological Society as my career had taken another direction. However, when I re-started my research in 2008, Dolf warmly welcomed me back at the museum where he frequented his own room as a Honorary Associate.

When I visited him at home for what would be the last time, he was cheerful as always, and very keen to hear the latest malacological news. The last 1,5 years he did not visit the museum anymore, after he had been forced to leave the room in which he resided for so many years. Also the Netherlands Malacological Society meetings were no longer visited during the last years, but as always he kept himself busy with some editorial work for its journal ‘Basteria’.

Recently, together with Dai Herbert, we still had a joint publication, and I’m not sure if anything more was in the pipeline. A partial biography, list of new taxa and eponyms was published in a ‘Festschrift’ on the occasion of his 80th birthday in 2009. His list of publications, which had been compiled for this occasion, seems not to have survived on the museum’s website; so it would be nice to publish it formally.

When asked for, Dolf was happily prepared to give advice with his great knowledge of many subjects, which I always found useful to follow, but the most I will miss his nice and warm personality. My condoleances go to his wife Wenda van Bruggen-Gorter.


A great malacologist has gone…

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