More on Madrid

Nearly at the end of my visit in Madrid, it’s time to show a little more. The museum is in a relatively old building, but the exhibition part is nice (although without Dino’s ;-), and the exhibition even starts outside with an artistic interpretation of part of the museum’s collection. I have chosen to show you a snail of course…

2016-05-24 08.22.46 2016-05-24 08.20.10 2016-05-24 08.19.53

Ignoring the obvious errors in the name, it’s at least a way to give the public a preview of what’s inside.

Today I gave, as part of my Synthesys visit, a presentation. The topic was “Historical collections and ancient science networks”. See the PDF CCP_ancient science networks. Also a photographer came, so I suppose they want to show off their Synthesys visitors somehow; anyhow, below you see me with my host Rafael Araujo in the storage room of the terrestrial molluscs with part of the material collected by the Comisión Cientifica del Pacifico. All 230, earlier recognised lots have been revised, but on my way I also found a considerable number of additional lots, included some overlooked type material. In due time it will result in another manuscript.

Araujo y Bram_2

So, for several reasons it was a most enjoyable and productive stay…


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