Non-marine snails of St. Maarten – St. Martin

In the most recent number of Spirula, one of the journals of the Netherlands Malacological Society, Neckheim & Hovestadt have published a paper in which they discuss our current knowledge on the non-marine molluscs from the Caribbean island Sint Maarten – Saint Martin (half Dutch / half French), partly based on their own surveys between 1991-2015. Since this paper entirely is in Dutch, I will provide here an extensive summary.

Despite being well explored there is remarkable few data documented in the malacological literature about this island. Neckheim & Hovestadt discuss the published reports (citing my Bulimulus paper twice with a wrong year 🙂 before dealing with some interesting localities. In the systematic part they discuss each species, the distribution on the island and – where relavant – nearby islands, and give an illustration of each species. In total they list 32 species of land shells, with an additional list of two species that potentially might occur. For freshwater snails they discuss their findings of four species, but remark that more species have been reported but have not been found during the surveys by the authors.


Neckheim, C.M. & Hovestadt, A., 2016. Land- en zoetwatermollusken verzameld op Sint Maarten (Nederlandse Antillen) en Saint Martin. – Spirula 409: 18-24.


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