New Annulariidae from Hispaniola

Today two papers by Thomas Watters describing new species from the island of Hispaniola. Watters’ (2016a) abstract is “Chondropoma bellavittatum new species is described for the Haitian species referred to by Bartsch, 1946, as Chondropoma semilabre Lamarck, 1822. This latter species is shown to be a different taxon from the Bahamas”.


The second paper, which appeared in the same journal, deals with a new species from the eastern part of the island. “Parachondria joyeuse is described from the eastern Dominican Republic. The new species is characterized by a thin, high- spired, nearly smooth shell and a peculiar color pattern. It is placed in Parachondria with reservation”.


Watters, G.T., 2016a. Identification and redescription of the Haitian Chondropoma semilabre of Bartsch, 1946, non Lamarck, 1822 (Gastropoda: Annulariidae). – The Nautilus, 130 (1): 23–25.
Watters, G.J., 2016b. Parachondria joyeuse: a peculiar new species of Hispaniolan Annulariidae (Gastropoda: Littorinoidea). – The Nautilus, 130 (4): 164–165.


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