New papers

Incidentally two new papers were published this weekend, both on historical malacology. One of on Henri Martel (1846-1927). “The “correspondence conchyliologique adressée à Henri Martel” is preserved in the Dautzenberg archives. This resource gives a good picture of the contact network of this amateur, who was mainly active after his retirement from military service. Summaries are given of the letters which were sent to Martel by Bavay, Dautzenberg, and Pallary”.

The second paper deals with the contributions of Baudon: “Biographical data is presented about Auguste Adolphe Baudon (1821-1905), together with a bibliography of his malacological works. His new taxa, both Recent and fossil, are listed, as well as eponyms dedicated to him. His network of scientific contacts has been reconstructed from his papers and his correspondence archive, for which an overview is presented listing his correspondents, the time period and the number of letters”.

Breure, A.S.H., 2017. ’Mon cher Colonel’: The conchological correspondence of Henri Martel (1846-1927) in the Ph. Dautzenberg archives, Brussels. – Folia conchyliologica, 39: 9-20.
Breure, A.S.H. & Moolenbeek, R.G., 2017. Auguste Adolphe Baudon (1821-1905): his malacological works and taxa, and his correspondence archive. – Folia conchyliologica, 39: 21-32.



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