Santa Catarina snails

Ignacio Agudo-Padron has just published an updated systematic inventory of non-marine  snails from this southern Brazilian state.

The abstract reads: “Based on the last list of non-marine molluscs from Santa Catarina state, published in 2014, the current inventory of continental molluscs (terrestrial and freshwater) occurring in the State of Santa Catarina/SC is finally consolidated, with a verified/confirmed registry of 232 species and subspecies, sustained product of complete 22 years of systematic field researches, examination of specimens deposited in collections of museums and parallel reference studies, covering 198 gastropods (156 terrestrial, 2 amphibians, 40 freshwater) and 34 limnic bivalves, in addition to the addition of another new twelve (12) species (eighth land gastropods – Leptinaria parana (Pilsbry, 1906); Bulimulus cf. stilbe Pilsbry, 1901; Orthalicus aff. prototypus (Pilsbry, 1899); Megalobulimus abbreviatus Bequaert, 1848; Megalobulimus januarunensis Fontanelle, Cavallari & Simone, 2014; Megalobulimus sanctipauli (Ihering, 1900); Happia sp. (in determination process); Macrochlamys indica Benson, 1832 – and four bivalves – Corbicula fluminalis (Müller, 1774); Pisidium aff. dorbignyi (Clessin, 1879); Pisidium aff. vile (Pilsbry, 1897); Sphaerium cambaraense (Mansur, Meier-Brook & Ituarte, 2008) -). Among the species previously related, 26 correspond to exotic and invasive forms (22 gastropods, four bivalves). Additional information regarding its known regional geographic distribution is incorporated/included and updated”.

Schermafbeelding 2018-03-20 om 14.49.03

Personally I found it interesting that Plekocheilus (Eurytus) aff. rhodocheilus (Reeve, 1848) – previously known from one locality – has been collected at three different localities (Agudo-Padron, pers. comm.). As this figure reveals it was also collected alive, but unfortunately the material has not been preserved and so its status remains as only “partially resolved”.

Agudo-Padron, I., 2018. Revised and Updated Systematic Inventory of Non-Marine Molluscs Occurring in the State of Santa Catarina/SC, Central Southern Brazil Region. – Advances in Environmental Studies, 2 (1): 54-60.
Available at


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