Two new papers

Just out today are two new papers, both related to the history of malacology and linked to one of the important malacologists of the second half of the 19th century, Hippolyte Crosse.

The first paper describes the letters which Henri Drouët sent to Crosse. Quoting the abstract “The correspondence between Henri Drouët (1829-1900) and Hippolyte Crosse (1826-1898) is presented, both as the original French text and in a modern English translation; annotations are provided for the context. The main features of these 53 letters are given, and an analysis is given of the relationships with other malacologists during the second half of the nineteenth century”. The correspondence shows, among others, how divided the malacological community was at that time between followers from Bourguignat (‘Nouvelle École’) and the rest.

Schermafbeelding 2019-05-25 om 06.43.31
The second paper looks on contacts bridging the Atlantic. Hippolyte Crosse has corresponded with many people all around the world during his editorship of the Journal de conchyliologie 1861 to 1898. From his correspondents in North America Thomas Bland and William Binney were his most important contacts, who sent him respectively 45 and 31 letters during 1863-1885. These letters are transcribed and reveal many exchanges of shells, anatomical data, but also give an impression of the wide group of American malacologists to which the two men had access. The publication date of the third livraison of the molluscan part of ‘Mission au Mexique et Guatemala’can be fixed before end of April 1873. The contacts between the three men may be best explained by closeness of friendship and scientific authority. The paper also reveals how Crosse played the role of middle-man between these American malacologists and e.g. Louis Pfeiffer in Germany.

Schermafbeelding 2019-05-25 om 06.50.10

Both papers can be downloaded via my Publications page.

Breure, A.S.H. & Hovestadt, A., 2019. Bridging the Atlantic: the correspondence of Thomas Bland and William Binney with Hippolyte Crosse, between 1863 and 1885. – Folia conchyliologica, 49: 3-54.
Breure, A.S.H. & Audibert, C., 2019. A candid view of relations between malacologists in the second half of the nineteenth century: the correspondence of Henri Drouët with Hippolyte Crosse. – Folia conchyliologica, 49: 55-95.


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