Upcoming publications (in press, submitted or in preparation)

Breure, A.S.H. & Backhuys, W. Type material of Drouët’s taxa described from French Guiana and Martinique. — Basteria 81 (in press).

Breure, A.S.H. Reconstructing historical egocentric social networks in malacology: can eponyms serve as a proxy for contacts? — Journal of Historical Network Research (submitted). Available as PeerJPreprint

Whisson, C.S., Kirkendale, L.A., Schneider, B. & Breure, A.S.H. Rare and endangered Bothriembryon (Mollusca: Orthalicoidea)? — Molluscan Research (submitted).

Breure, A.S.H. & Audibert, C. Under the spell of Bourguignat: Alcide Paladilhe’s malacological work, with notes on his collection. — Folia conchyliologica 41: in press.

Breure, A.S.H. & Audibert, C. A candid view of relations between malacologists in the second half of the nineteenth century: the correspondence of Henri Drouët with Hippolyte Crosse. In preparation.

Audibert, C. & Breure, A.S.H. The role of the Société malacologique de France for the ‘Nouvelle École‘ of Bourguignat: a historical network analysis. — Folia conchyliologica 41: in press.

Breure, A.S.H. & Audibert, C. ‘Mon cher Directeur’: an inventory of the correspondence addressed to Hippolyte Crosse during his years as director of the ‘Journal de conchyliologie’. In preparation.

Whisson, C., Kirkendale, L. & Breure, A.S.H. Case 3748. Bothriembryon Pilsbry, 1894 (Mollusca, Orthalicoidea, BOTHRIEMBRYONTIDAE): proposed conservation of the name by designation of Helix melo Quoy & Gaimard, 1832 as its type species. — Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature (submitted).

Breure, A.S.H. Additional data on Pantepui Orthalicoidea (Mollusca, Gastropoda), with description of new species. in preparation.

Morgenroth, H., Oliver, P.G. & Breure, A.S.H. Miss J.E. Linter (1844-1909): an enigmatic lady-conchologist. In preparation.

Kirkendale, L., Whisson, C.S., Breure, A.S.H. & Wilson, N. First molecular phylogeny of the Australian land snail genus Bothriembryon (Gastropoda, Orthalicoidea) reveals high levels of cryptic diversity in a global hotspot. In preparation.

Breure, A.S.H., Audibert, C. & Ablett, J.D. Pierre Marie Arthur Morelet (1809-1892) and his contributions to malacology. In preparation.

Breure, A.S.H. & D.G. Robinson. Being ‘blue’ is being different: the status of Antidrymaeus Germain, 1907 (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Bulimulidae), with miscellaneous notes on other species of Drymaeus. In preparation.


Malacological publications by Abraham S.H. Breure



Audibert, C., Backhuys, W. & Breure, A.S.H. ‘Une petite histoire malacologique’: two letters from Bourguignat to Crosse, or a story of friction between malacologists. — Journal of Conchology 42: 407–411. [108]

Breure, A.S.H. & Backhuys, W.  Sauveur Abel Aubert Petit de la Saussaye (1792–1870), his malacological work and taxa, with notes on his correspondence. — Archiv für Molluskenkunde 146: 71–96. [107]

Araya, J.F. & Breure, A.S.H. A new terrestrial snail species (Gastropoda: Bulimulidae) from the Región de Antofagasta, northern Chile. — PeerJ 5: e3538 (11 p.). [Link to full PDF | 106]

Breure, A.S.H. & Moolenbeek, R.G. Auguste Adolphe Baudon (1821-1905): his malacological works and taxa, and his correspondence archive. — Folia conchyliologica 39: 21–32. [ResearchGate | 105]

Breure, A.S.H. ‘Mon cher Colonel’: The conchological correspondence of Henri Martel (1846-1927) in the Ph. Dautzenberg archives, Brussels. — Folia conchyliologica 39: 9–20. [ResearchGate | 104]

Breure, A.S.H. Tijdschriftartikelen: continentale malacologie [Journal papers: continental malacology]. — Spirula 411: 64–70.

Breure, A.S.H. Nieuw beschreven continentale molluskensoorten [New taxa of continental molluscs]. — Spirula 411: 55–57.

Breure, A.S.H. Een expeditie naar de Neotropen: reconstructie van Arthur Morelet’s reis naar Centraal Amerika, 1846-1848. — Spirula 411: 4-11. [103]

Mierzwa-Szymkowiak, D. & A.S.H. Breure. Inside and outside the Neotropics: three Polish naturalists during the late 19th and early 20th century. — Archives of Natural History 44: 151158. [Unabridged version, including Appendices with bibliographies, new taxa, and eponyms, see DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.3082.9041]. [102]

Breure, A.S.H. & Araujo, R. The Neotropical land snails (Mollusca, Gastropoda) collected by the ‘Comisión Científica del Pacífico’. — PeerJ 5: e3065 (142 pp.). Update with some corrections is here. Also as PeerJPreprint (2016). [Link to full text| 101]

Breure, A.S.H. & Backhuys, W. Science networks in action: the collaboration between J.G. Hidalgo and H. Crosse, and the creation of ‘Moluscos del Viaje al Pacifico, Univalvos terrestres’. — Iberus 35: 11–30. Also as PeerJPreprint (2016). [100]

Breure, A.S.H. Hippolyte Mittre, an early malacologist. — Folia conchyliologica 38: 23–25. [Link: ResearchGate | 99]

Faber, W. & Breure, A.S.H. Nieuwe boeken [New books]. — Spirula 410: 63–64.

Breure, A.S.H. Tijdschriftartikelen: continentale malacologie [Journal papers: continental malacology]. — Spirula 410: 56–61.

Breure, A.S.H. Nieuw beschreven continentale molluskensoorten [New taxa of continental molluscs]. — Spirula 410: 46–47.

Breure, A.S.H. & Faber, W. De literatuurrubriek: vertrouwd en toch vernieuwd — Spirula 410: 42.

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Breure, A.S.H. Philippe Dautzenberg (1849–1935) and his time, towards the reconstruction of an ancient science network. — Basteria 80 (1–3): 47–58, figs 1–12.  [96]

Breure, A.S.H. & Ablett, J.D. The ‘Demange drawings’: known and unknown malacological contributions of Victor Demange (1870–1940). — Folia conchyliologica 36: 1–9, figs 1–30. [Link: ResearchGate | 95]

Araya, J.F., Madrid, M. & Breure, A.S.H. Bostryx hennahi (Gray, 1828) the largest Chilean bulimulid (Mollusca: Pulmonata) rediscovered among Tillandsia communities in northern Chile. — Journal of Conchology 42 (4): 161–165, figs 1–2. [Link: ResearchGate | 94]

Breure, A.S.H., A. Hovestadt, A. Fields & D.G. Robinson. The land Mollusca of Saint Kitts and Nevis (Lesser Antilles), with description of a new species. — The Nautilus 130 (2): 27–52, figs 1–81. [Link: ResearchGate | 93]

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Breure, A.S.H. Caribbean Bulimulus revisited: physical moves and molecular traces (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Bulimulidae). — PeerJ 4: e1836 (16 pp., figs 1–7). [Link: PDF | 90]

Breure, A.S.H. Annotated type catalogue of the Orthalicoidea (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Stylommatophora) in the Muséum d’histoire naturelle, Geneva. — Revue suisse de Zoologie 123: 57–103, figs 1–143. (Version including label photographs available at DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.1206.1926) [89]

Breure, A.S.H. & Tardy, E. From the shadows of the past: Moricand senior and junior, two 19th century naturalists from Geneva, their newly described taxa, and molluscan types. — Revue suisse de Zoologie 123: 113–138, figs 1–88. (Unabridged version with label plates available at DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.3573.0649) [88]

Bruggen, A.C. van, Herbert, D.G. & Breure, A.S.H. Prestonellinae – validation of the name as a new subfamily of Bothriembryontidae  (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Orthalicoidea). — Zootaxa 4084: 590–592, fig. 1. [87]



Breure, A.S.H. & S.R. de Heer. From a domestic commodity to a secret of trade: snails and shells of land molluscs in early (mainly 16th and 17th century) visual arts. — Basteria 79 (4–6): 81–97, figs 1–6. [PDF: Link | 86]

Breure, A.S.H. The malacological handwritings in the autograph collection of the Ph. Dautzenberg archives, Brussels. — Folio Conchyliologica 33: 1–111, figs 1–90. [PDF: Link | 85]

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Breure, A.S.H. & R. Araujo. A snail in the long tail: A new Plekocheilus species collected by the ‘Comisión Científica del Pacífico’ (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Amphibulimidae). — ZooKeys 516: 85–93, figs 1–2. [PDF: doi: 10.3897/zookeys.516.10228 | 83]

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Walker, A., J.D. Ablett, D. Sykes, M. Rücklin & A.S.H. Breure. Using micro-CT for 3D visualisations of terrestrial snail soft tissue anatomy. Poster “Molluscan Forum”, 20 November 2014, London. [PDF: PosterMF2014 ]

Breure, A.S.H. The sound of a snail: two cases of acoustic defence in gastropods. — Journal of Molluscan Studies : 1-4 (advance access). [PDF: Link]. (Published in 2015, J. Moll. Stud. 81: 290-293, figs 1–4) [80].

Salvador, R.B., D.C. Cavallari & A.S.H. Breure. Corrigendum to “Taxonomic revision of Leiostracus onager and Leiostracus subtuszonatus (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Orthalicidae)” by Salvador & Cavallari (2013).— Journal of Conchology 41: 627-628. [PDF: upon request | 79]

Breure, A.S.H., L. Álvarez Lajonchere & A. González Guillén. Color-full and eye-catching: an iconography of Liguus land shells (Gastropoda, Orthalicidae). — Archiv für Molluskenkunde 143 (1): 1–19, figs 1–9. [PDF: 76_IconographyLiguus | 78]

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Breure, A.S.H. The Pantepui malacofauna: land snails of Churí-tepui and other tepuis in southern Venezuela and adjacent areas. In: R. Aubrecht  & J. Schlögl (eds.) Venezuelan tepuis – their caves and biota: 113–124, figs 107–112. Acta Geologica Slovaca – Monograph, Comenius University, Bratislava. [PDF: Link (NB: Large download as it links to the total volume) | 76]

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Breure, A.S.H. & S.E. Miquel. More than a number: clarifying the dates of publication of some papers of A. Doering on land and freshwater shells from Argentina, and a note on his taxon Clessinia (Odontostomidae). — Zootaxa 3572: 18–22. [PDF: 71_Doering dates | 72]

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Breure, A.S.H. The rediscovery of a semi-slug: Coloniconcha prima Pilsbry, 1933 (Mollusca, Gastropoda) from Hispaniola.— Basteria 74 (4–6): 78–86, figs 1–6. [PDF: 59_Coloniconcha | 59]

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