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New land snails from Bahia, Brazil

Luiz Simone just published a new paper on snails from the semi-arid Caatinga of Bahia, describing four new taxa, including a new genus. The new taxa are belonging to the Orthalicidae (sensu Bouchet and Rocroi 2005) and Megalobulimidae.

The new genus Kora is placed in the Orthalicidae. This genus is compared to Thaumastus [Megaspiridae sensu Breure and Romero 2012] Dryptus, Plekocheilus and Eudolichotis [Amphibulimidae], and Neopetraeus [Bulimulidae]. The assumption that Kora “someday” may be separated “from other orthalicid genera in a proper subfamily or tribe” needs further studies, especially of the anatomy and DNA.

The type species, by monotypy, is Kora corallina n.sp. from Bahia, Santa Maria da Vitória, ~460 m. Holotype MZSP 103910.


The second new taxon is Spixia coltrorum n.sp., holotype MZSP 103920, from the same locality. In the discussion attention is drawn to the fact that in most specimens the protoconch is lost, the remaining top whorl with a calcified scar.


From the same locality, the third new species is Anostoma tessa; holotype MZSP 103914. This species has characteristics that seems intermediate between typical Anostoma and the genus Ringicella, as distinguished by the author.
These two new species belong to the Odontostomidae (sensu Breure and Romero 2012), easily characterized by the apertural dentition.


Finally, the last new species is Megalobulimus amandus. The type series (holotype MZSP 103917) was collected at the same locality.


The recognition of all these new taxa from material collected at a single locality in the interior of the state Bahia, highlights the hidden biodiversity of this semi-arid environment. This paper is part of a project to improve the knowledge of biogeography and evolution in that specific environment. 

Simone, L.R.L., 2012. Taxonomical study on a sample of pulmonates from Santa Maria da Vitória, Bahia, Brazil, with description of a new genus and four new species (Mollusca: Orthalicidae and Megalobulimidae). – Papéis Avulsos de Zoologia 52 (36): 431-439.
Available at www.scielo.br/paz

New paper

Today a new paper was published, the second one on Orthalicoid type material in the London museum.


You can access the paper via this link:

Breure, A.S.H. & J.D. Ablett. Annotated type catalogue of the Bothriembryontidae and Odonstostomidae (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Orthalicoidea) in the Natural History Museum, London. – ZooKeys 182: 1-70.