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Peruvian Andinia

Valentín Mogollón recently collected an Andinia species in Dept. Cajamarca, Chota Province. He identified it as Andinia taczanowski (Lubomirski, 1879). As you can see on the first photo, most specimens are decollated but some have retained their first whorls.

Always nice to see those pretty clausiliids…

Type specimens in Rio de Janeiro

Type catalogues are the ‘telephone dictionaries’ of taxonomy. It is very convenient to have all data for a museum collection together in one publication, especially if the the collection isn’t digitalised and data is spread over many publications.

Pimenta et al. (2014) just published such catalogue for the molluscan collection of the Museu Nacional in Rio de Janeiro (MNRJ). In total 518 type lots have been recognised, representing 247 Gastropoda taxa, 30 Bivalvia taxa, 3 Cephalopoda taxa and 5 Scaphopoda taxa. After a very brief introduction, all taxa are listed alphabetically by class and by species name; the family name is included between square brackets. Some type specimens have been figured as well. In an appendix the taxa are listed per family.

Pimenta 2014

Land snail families represented are (number of taxa between parentheses): Succineidae (2), Charopidae (1), Orthalicidae sensu lato (29), Strophocheilidae (3), Clausiliidae (2). Of the latter family two taxa are excluded as types in the main text. In some cases the family names in the list do not correspond to those presented in the appendix; especially those belonging to the Orthalicoidea are treated in a confusing way (e.g., taxa belonging to the same genus allocated seemingly at random to one of two families). The family arrangement presented is clearly not up-to-date and conflicting with recent insights.

Finally, it is clear that type material from several taxa has been exchanged or deposited in the MNRJ after the original paper had been published (e.g.  several Weyrauch taxa), or that incorrect catalogue numbers have been published in recent works. All these data makes this ‘telephone directory’ useful for future reference.

Pimenta, A.D., Monteiro, J.C., Barbosa, A.F., Salgado, N.C. & Santos Coelho, A.C. dos (2014). Catalogue of the type specimens deposited in the Mollusca collection of the Museu Nacional / UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. — Zootaxa 3780: 51–107.

Venezuelan tepuis – their caves and biota

The Venezuelan tepuis have long been a mysterious place and geologists only recently have begun to explore the caves inside these mountains made up by sandstones. Some years ago geologists and speleologists from Czech and Slovakia set out to Chimantá massif, together with local counterparts. They explored the immense caves that are present and brought several novelties for science home. Among them some snails, collected on special request.

Now the scientific results have been compiled in a book: Venezuelan tepuis – their caves and biota (Aubrecht et al., 2012). Originally scheduled for end 2011, officially dated for 2012, it only now appears in 2013. Thanks to the determined editors, Roman Aubrecht and Jan Schögl, they succeeded in the end. A paper version of the book will appear “later (perhaps in March)“.
This book contains parts on Cave systems in Churí and Roraima tepuis, and Faunistical investigations of Pantepui biogeographical region. The chapter on the malacofauna is a review of all known species, with new data on the anatomy of some and phylogenetic results on Plekocheilus species.
My contribution on the malacofauna is slightly ‘outdated’ (so to speak); my recent paper published in Basteria (Breure, 2012) was written after the deadline for this book was closed. And another paper is in the pipeline. This subject remains intriguing for me…

Aubrecht, R., Barrio-Amorés, C.L., Breure, A.S.H., Brewer-Carías, C., Derka, T., Fuentes-Ramos, O.A., Gregor, M., Kodada, J., Kovácik, L., Lánczos, T., Lee, N.M., Liscák, P., Schlögl, J., Smida, B. & Vlcek, L., 2012 [2013]. Venezuelan tepuis – their caves and biota. – Acta Geologica Slovaca, Monograph, Comenius University, Bratislava: pp. 1-168. Available at http://geopaleo.fns.uniba.sk/ageos/archive/monograph/aubrecht_et_al_2012_monograph.pdf (NB: 163 Mb).
Breure, A.S.H., 2012. Living in isolation: Plekocheilus (P.) philippei spec.nov. from Venezuelan Guayana (Gastropoda, Amphibulimidae). – Basteria 76: 101-106.