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Internet trade and conservation

In the just published number of Tentacle, one of the interesting articles is about shell trade via the internet. It is to be applauded that Chinese authors have taken this hot topic to the open as shell trade is definitely a threat to molluscan diversity. The normal reaction from traders will be that they trade shells they found empty, but this has in most cases to be considered incorrect (as the perfect state of shells on offer tells otherwise). Unfortunately, even professional malacologists fall sometimes for the temptation of describing new species from material collected by traders, thereby reinforcing this questionable practice of dealers and their collectors.

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As the article shows a picture of Neotropical shells taken from a nature reserve in Florida, this is clearly a practice not limited to eastern Asia.

Zhang, G. & Wu, M., 2020. Internet trade, a new threat to malacodiversity. – Tentacle, 28: 12-14.